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Why go modular?

At Pod Space, we deliver your commercial building project with all the efficiency benefits of off-site construction but with the highest levels of quality and no compromise to the longevity of your building.

We make modular beautiful

We design and manufacture your building with the same attention to detail. With all the benefits of an off-site modular construction built-in, you can be confident of a project delivered on time, on budget and built to last. Our expert team of designers work closely with the requirements of our commercial and public sector clients to ensure that every component of the project brief is incorporated into your design.

Our modular eco-buildings can be designed, delivered and completed to a turnkey finish in a matter of weeks and without any of the usual complications of traditional construction. If you have time-sensitive deadlines such as student holidays, time-restricted access or short lead times then a modular construction could be the solution. With our commitment to sustainability and built-in eco-benefits, we can offer a full package from design through to completion.

See the benefits of a modular build:

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Public Sector

Pod Space modular systems offer cost certainty and programme accuracy for local authority projects where budgets and time constraints are foremost in the requirements.

Cost certainty

Pod Space have worked alongside many public sector organisations to deliver a wide variety of projects over the years so we are only too aware of the requirement to work to tight budgets. Our modular solution offers greater cost certainty as a factory construction removes many of the cost variables that can make the costs of a traditional construction spiral out of control.

Programme Accuracy

For similar reasons we can provide a more accurate programme for delivery, completion and handover as we have tighter controls on construction, the majority of which takes place within a factory controlled environment. Where timescales are tight then a Pod Space modular building could be exactly the right solution to make sure your school is ready for the September start or your new team have their new office in place at precisely the right time.

Health and Safety

Off-site construction also ensures we have a tight control on the health and safety aspects of your project. With large sections of your building being pre-fabricated within the factory environment, we can minimise the amount of time spent on your site. We can even avoid high risk times such as the school term or busiest times of the year for your business.



We have expert knowledge and experience of design and build for projects on every size and scale. We specify quality components for every detail, to last a lifetime.

Projects Great and Small

Every one of our commercial modular eco buildings has been designed and built to order with the same care and attention to detail. From the smallest of meeting rooms to a large multi-story school building, there is no need to compromise on the bespoke elements that are key to the success of your project. We will take your brief and our talented design team will create a building tailored to your exact requirements.

Highly Experienced Team

We have a complete team of experts managing your project from start to turnkey finish. Every member of our award-winning team is based locally to us in the heart of Yorkshire so that our project managers, designers and expert craftsmen are all working together for a seamless finish. Our clients are at the core of this process, keeping you informed and involved at every stage.

A Building for Life

A Pod Space eco modular building has longevity built into the structure. At the core of our buildings is an engineered galvanised steel and FSC timber frame for a robust and durable finish. With the correct maintenance, the life expectancy of your Pod Space building with will be similar to a traditional construction to ensure it is still be meeting the needs of your business well into the future.



Our award winning design team work closely with our clients to ensure that eco efficiency comes as standard for every aspect of your finished home.

Quality Control

Large elements of the structure are constructed within the tight controls of a factory environment so we can eliminate issues with inclement weather, poor site conditions, low light levels and numerous other factors that affect the integral build and final finish of your project.

Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

We already design and construct buildings that are exceptionally airtight and include high levels of thermal insulation. Our specification will generally include renewable energies and we can work towards the specific requirements for Passivhaus, BREEAM assessment or Code for Sustainable Home standards.

Design Flexibility

Modular construction techniques do not limit the architectural creativity of our design team. Our in house design team embrace the technologies available to them and as winners of the prestigious Red Dot Design Award they are no strangers to working with innovative materials and creating one off spaces for our most discerning clients.

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Create your own space

If you’ve not yet considered a modular solution for your building project then now might be the time to join the growing number of industries that are taking up the benefits of off-site construction. We’re happy to discuss your project with you in the early stages, so that we can start to formulate ideas and plan for the more bespoke elements of your project.

See how a modular build will benefit your organisation, download our brochure.


Designed and built to create the perfect space

Through great design and precision manufacture, we create space to last a lifetime. Every Pod Space has British engineering in its core framework, all expertly crafted with precision.

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