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Design and Technology

Design & Technology

Beautiful design, precision builds & high performance materials

At Pod Space we work hard to stay at the forefront of design development, utilising the latest materials and modern construction techniques to create cutting edge buildings. We are not limited by traditional construction techniques or standard layouts, so let us get to work realising your dream.

Unmatched quality



Why not let the sky be your ceiling with roof glazing or create a carpet of colour with a wildflower roof.

We have designed flat roofs, pitched roofs, hidden roofs and glazed roofs. Whether you are searching for a traditional cedar shingle or a sleek and contemporary standing seam apex roof, we have examples to share with you. We particularly love an eco roof where we can incorporate biodiversity elements to bring nature to you.

We only specify the highest quality single ply membranes with a lifespan of circa 50 years, and we can arrange for testing of the roof at project completion. What typically lies beneath is a durable steel and timber roof deck with high levels of insulation so you can be confident your building will stand the test of time.


Seamless views to the outside and flooding light to the inside with our large format glazing.

We have led the way with our specifications for full height, frameless glazing, and we continue to work with our suppliers to include some of the slimmest frame profiles available.

We work with the leading manufacturer of commercial grade aluminium doors, and it goes without saying that our windows and doors have excellent U values for maximum thermal insulation. We can include double or triple glazing and other options such as security glazing or tinted glass with manifestation for safety.


We are building quality from within.

With precision engineered galvanised steel and FSC timber framing at the core of each Pod, we can ensure that every component through the structure of our buildings is constructed with accuracy. As with all other aspects of our Pod process, we will design the construction to suit your specification, but typically we will include commercial floor loadings of 3kN depending on the use class. We can also include acoustic rated floors and MF suspended ceilings generally to interior NR30-40. We specify various fire rated cladding types or alternatively timber cladding can be specified with fire resistant coatings applied.


The cladding we specify will give your building its personality.

We are recognised for our Eco friendly timber finishes and their Scandinavian styling, often cohabiting with fabricated aluminium panelling which is a signature of many of our designs. Over the years we’ve worked with a multitude of different cladding types and colour schemes, and we’re always happy to look at new ways of finishing our buildings so we’ll happily investigate alternatives. We can even install a traditional finish such as slate or dry stone walling over a modular interior construction. Our designers have the expertise to detail a broad range of cladding styles on to a Pod Space construction so give us your brief and watch it take shape.

A big impact with just a tiny footprint

From the everyday activities of running our design office to the sustainable procurement of our timber, right through to the end of the life recycling of our buildings, we have the same core ethos of care for our environment. We have total commitment at every stage and we are proud to maintain our certification for ISO14001 environmental management system.

Peace of mind with the highest safety standards

There is nothing more important than the holistic health and safety of our people and the communities we work alongside. We start with an organisational ethos of uncompromising safety standards and a constant drive for healthy, incident-free working environments at every level.

Whether it’s the workstations of our design staff or risk assessments and safe systems of work on our sites, we apply the same level of attention to detail as we do in every other Pod Space activity.

We manufacture robust buildings that are built to last

Every component from the internal framework to the exterior cladding material is carefully considered for its solidity and ability to withstand UK weather conditions. We carry out checks and maintain registers of testing as well as environmental credentials.

We specify industry-leading roof membranes with a warranty of 25 years and we work with the leading supplier of commercial windows and doors so we can be sure we are only supplying components that will stand the test of time.

Our design covers all the elements of installation

We can cover all of the elements of your mechanical and electrical installation, including a link up to your existing building management systems should this be required. Many of our buildings feature Air Source Heat Pumps for a renewable method of providing heating and cooling. We can also install other methods of renewable energy such as photovoltaics or solar thermal as well as a complete finish for mechanical ventilation and air conditioning.

For pech of mind, we have the capacity to provide security and fire alarms linked back to the existing provision if required. We can also cover all aspects of your plumbing installation so whether it’s a luxury showroom for your holiday home or colourful children’s toilet facilities for your school, we can design and install the whole project.

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Underlying the security of our buildings is the rigidity of the construction but we can also design in additional building security such as locking shutters. Where secure entry is a necessity of your project then it’s no problem for us to install access control. We’ll also cover security from the outside where your brief in has a requirement for CCTV.
We maximise the security at the window and door entry points. We have various options available, but all include multi-point locking systems. As a minimum, our standard specification of doors and windows includes certification to PAS-24. We can even supply windows and doors that include ‘secured by design’ accreditation. There are numerous options on the glazing specification, depending on location and individual requirement.


British design, British installation

We are proud to be part of the Great British manufacturing community, and this is evident at every stage of production and installation. We have a dedicated team of experts on site with years of experience to go hand in hand with their training and certification. They undertake task specific and site wide risk assessments so that you can be secure in the knowledge that your site will remain safe, efficient and running to programme. Our installation teams can cover all aspects of site set up, groundworks, coordination of the crane lift in and final installation and finish of the building and landscape. 


Quality assurance

One of the great advantages of modular construction is the quality assurance that comes from manufacture within the controlled environment of the factory. Immediate access to the latest technologies for precision cutting and finishing ensure that by the time the modules land on site we already have excellence built in. This, alongside the attention to detail that goes in to specification of every individual component, results in the high quality build that is befitting of the award winning design.

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