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A big impact with just a tiny footprint.

Commitment to sustainable resourcing and eco-conscious construction is at the very core of Pod Space values and beliefs. We apply the same level of concern to every activity from the paper that we use in the office to the materials we use out of site. We are proud to hold the ISO14001 for Environmental Management Systems and we take our duty of care even further with our internal policy and robust operational standards for the environment.

Off-site construction goes a long way to reducing the environmental footprint of our buildings. Factory production drastically reduces wastage as we can keep a tighter control on material quantities and there are fewer opportunities for site related problems. There’s also a significant reduction in the carbon footprint from site travel as the majority of the building and materials arrive on-site in a single delivery.

Aside from these obvious advantages, we also have a strong commitment to our sustainable resourcing policy. We work with our supply chain to ensure that materials are sourced in an environmentally responsible manner. Our core specification typically includes FSC certified timbers and sustainably sourced steel. We can also incorporate natural wool insulation and low VOC paints.

Through intelligent design

We can help you achieve excellent levels of energy efficiency of your building with attention to the position and specification of windows/doors, high levels of insulation and timber screens for solar shading.

We typically include Air Source Heat Pumps in all of our commercial buildings but we can also include other renewable forms of energy such as PV or MVHR which is not only advantageous to the environment but also the long term running costs of the building.

On the exterior design

We will happily work with the requirements of a biodiversity survey for the site set up to ensure that our buildings do not have any harmful impact on the local environment or to ensure that our building specification includes new habitat for your neighbouring species. Our clever designers can include biodiversity elements to your sedum or wildflower roof and nesting boxes or specific habitat requirements to the local planting or landscaping scheme.

Our commitment to the environment does not end with the here and now. We are also considering the end of life of your building so we can ensure there is a plan in place for recycling or reuse of components where possible. This can all form part of our handover to you at the completion of your project.

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